Did You Hug a Veteran Today?

Okay–I admit it!  Ms. V. doesn’t  know how to turn on her SmartBoard and Yes!–you’re absolutely right!  She DID recently learn to access her email account; not to mention that we changed her password five times because she didn’t remember that it was case sensitive.

You’re probably not going to find many tech-infused projects lining her bulletin boards or QR codes waiting to launch a multimedia blitz.  Please don’t get me wrong!  I love tech!  I don’t know what I would do without my SmartBoard, laptops, document camera, Livescribe Pen, and one day (I pray)–a class set of iPads.   Having said all this—All the PDs in the world can’t replace the 20, 25, and 30+ years of classroom experience that Ms. V and teachers like her possess.

When I first began teaching, I was part of a new school initiative.  An older school that didn’t meet it’s annual yearly progress goals was  phasing out, and a new school (my school) was beginning it’s first year.

Green was the color of the year!  We were all first year teachers coupled with a first year principal.   Brand new teachers were a bargain that year.  You could buy 3 newbies for the price of one seasoned veteran.  We didn’t know one end of the pencil from the other.

That year, my constant thought was “Am I doing this right?” I confess that after 13 years, I still ask this question from time to time.   Fortunately, I changed schools and found a school filled with veteran educators.  A sounding board… years of experience and stories of failures and great successes.  What’s even better, they shared….ideas, lessons,  plans, and resources.

It was amazing.

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