Catch a Falling Star with STARFALL.COM

         Starfall ABCss Starfall MainPg Starfall1

          In 2011, I had the pleasure of interviewing Brandi Chase, Executive Director of the wildly popular children’s website, This innovative young woman is part of a small creative team that educates, entertains, and engages learners of all ages,  “If it is on Starfall, sold by Starfall, or has the Starfall name, I had something to do with it”  Chase maintains.

Young children can learn shapes, colors, and numbers as they carve a Halloween Pumpkin,  Zac the Rat teaches how to write a friendly letter, Silly turkey gobbles,  and a  goofy groundHog sees his shadow.  Click on an array of webpages and you’ll find the  Starfall ABC’ssnowmen that children can dress up or down, a Gingerbread man that dares you to catch him and so much more!

            According to Chase, “Starfall uses organic, not artificial intelligence to motivate children.  We create content that invokes their curiosity.  There is nothing cookie cutter about the content. Every activity is a unique work of art, created from scratch, and with love.”  Chase continues, “Starfall is handmade… The website belongs to child who uses it, and he or she knows it!  This is learning ‘The Starfall Way!’ “

            You can take Starfall with you wherever you go.  Whether you’re away or on a staycation,  Your child can access the site at free of charge or you can download the many Starfall apps for under $3 on smartphones, iPads or tablets .  It’s a great way to beat the phenomenon known as the “Summer Slide”.

          Studies have shown that children can lose up to two months of academic progress during the summer vacation months.  Allowing your children to use Starfall and similar websites can reduce the effects of idle time away from school.   “For many students, summer break is a time of unstructured days and free exploration. Starfall is not contrary to that state of mind. “Chase maintains, “As such, using Starfall doesn’t feel like remediation or practice, it is play as much as running through the sprinklers is play!” Visit Starfall today and dive into a world of learning and fun!

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